Why Nuumite for your SharePoint?

So you have invested money and time in SharePoint and in related third party tools. You are expecting that everything goes well - great feedback, high user adoption etc. Then over the following weeks a number of things start to happen...

General Issues and Inquiries

How do we create or use a Calendar list? Why my team cannot access the HR department site? I am not getting emails from workflow or getting too many emails!

Customization Requests

SharePoint will become important tool for your business and for your organization meaning high reliability and power are necessary. If requirements exceed what can be done out of the box then having a development team available is the key.

Monitoring and Maintenance

SharePoint Architecture, Applications, Site collections and Search setup need to be monitored and maintained for permissions & access, data availability etc. SharePoint Farm and database monitoring keeps you informed on important aspects of your SharePoint instance. Part of this is also keeping the SharePoint application itself up to date with patches and hot fixes.

To handle everything in-house is difficult.

To handle everything in-house is difficult. Outsourcing SharePoint administration, projects, support etc can get you the power and flexibility you need.

We have the skills and knowledge to get the most out of SharePoint's built in features & functions and also do the required customization.

Budget friendly project planning and execution. Monthly subscription for Support.

Our budget friendly project planning and execution will help you keep moving & keep growing without worrying about ongoing or future SharePoint customizations.

We offer SharePoint support plan with monthly subscription specifically designed for your environment and for your needs.



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